*Updated on 2/21/2024 -Luke

Fresh new theme for our website. Speed is boosted and several apps are gone.

MAC OS and IOS customers should final enjoy normal speed instead of slow page loading.

For future work plans please check our blog posts.

Thank you!

*Updated on 2/1/2024 -Luke

We upgraded to shopify plus just now. 

Major changes includes

#1. Customized checkout. Will use native shopify data to provide accurate also bought at your convinience.

#2. Wholesale pricing tier will be native instead of through the app. Customers who are on a mac experienced slow page loading speed and we are unable to fix it due to 3rd party app. This will be fixed.

The new arrival collection is now limited to 3 months.

Thank you for reading

*Updated on 1/17/2024 -Luke

Effective on 2/1/2024, new arrival collection is strictly limited to 3 months instead of current 6 months. Note that new arrival rewards points were intended only for trying out new products instead of a way to redeem products for free.

Please do redeem your points as the way you want, last day will be 1/31/2024.

Tidio chats are working smooth now.

Clearance section is ongoing, with Roll chains having HUGE discount for all clearance products. Once Roll chains are done the next section will be finished necklaces.

Seems USPS/UPS are handling shipping back to their normal time frame.

Currently teammates are all working hard for new products listings as well as pushing out packages. We postponed website old/discontinued listing clean-ups due to workload.

If you do see products that you want to pre-order please message or email us. 

Thank you for reading

*Updated on 11/18/2023 -Luke

Holiday season coming. Please do expect potential delays on packages. Though USPS/UPS do not change their "expected" delivery time; however, from our experience packages are generally delayed for at least 1-2 business days. We do not guarantee delivery time as we do not have control over shipping. Your package is still processed and shipped out within 24 business hours from our end. We had been doing so since Dec 2018 until now, every single business day.

We will not answer shipping time/delivery time/"is it left yet?"/"When will it arrive?"/"tracking xxxxxxx any updates?" questions. Check Tracking and be patient please.

Due to tidio splitting messages into two different accounts, we had missed up to 40 days of messages.

I had cleared them out. In case your message did not get answered more than 24 business hours (weekends and holiday for sure won't count), please email us or message us from tidio again. We clear and reply messages with 24 business hours.

Sorry for any delays. 

We made a small step on securing inventory replenish time by adding solid factory sources.

We are improving restocking time by assigning dedicate teammate on re-ordering. Now new hot arrival item check& re-ordering time is set to within 7 days (X<90 days are what considered as newest hot item to us, X<180 days are general new arrival items.). General restocking (X>90 days) are done every 1 month. We should be able to reduce OOS time on most products.

We are cutting low performing skus. Blowout items are going to be gone forever. Generally blow out items are >2 years of age.

We will launch a clearance section. Discounts start at 40-45% and up to 70-75% of original price. These clearance skus are going to be discontinued once cleared out.

Clearance skus are usually > 1 year of age or mistakenly overstocked.

New arrival collections are going to be limited to 6 months. This will be effective on 1/1/2024. Please do spend your points accordingly now. After 1/1/2024 points will only work on newest items which was the reason points system were installed.


*Updated on 6/1/2023 -Luke

After several trail, test, and refine now you can adjust qty on product page flawlessly.

Website old codes are deleted, desktop should see big boost of speed and ios/android should see small boost of speed.

We are also testing crowd-funding app which is "kickstarter" style of product launching. If it works we will be able to pre-sell / kickstart certain products.

Next major on-going change will be on inventory qty count and AQL sampling.

*Updated on 5/27/2023 -Luke

More new products are coming in regularly, almost every week.

Two new apps are installed to better serve you.

1. Wholesale pricing.

From now on cart will auto apply wholesale pricing if you qualify (50/100/200 for unfinished items and 25/50/100 for finished items).

Unfinished items are? (50/100/200 for 25/30/35% off)

Charms & Pendants

Beads Connectors Findings

Finished items are? (25/50/100 for 25/30/35% off)

Earrings Rings Necklaces Finished necklaces Bracelets Anklets ROLL Chains

Note that the wholesale discount is exclusive and will not stack with code like SHOP20. In this case please place only your wholesale products in one order with automatically applied discount and the rest in another order using code SHOP20. Thus you are getting the most discount effectively.

If you find special listing easier please do contact us. 

2. Variants displaying all at same time.

Now all variants will display at the same time. To save customers some time and avoid mistake by selecting wrong variant. (I.E want gold but selected silver. Once in a while it happens and created hassle for customers and us.)

You can also adjust qty on each individual box for each variant. It is convenient.

I am Trying to promote cart saver vs wish-list.

As browser cache / site cache will be cleared regularly it is essential to save your cart or add items to wish list. I personally find save cart is way easier.

We decide to keep both save cart and wish list so you can use whatever is easier for you. Just a heads up please do save your cart / add item to your wish list or else your work might be lost due to browser cache / site cache clear.

Ongoing: currently searching for best option for pre-order and pre-sale.

By smoothly enable pre-sale / pre-order we can ensure even more skus are brought. Currently SKU count in our inventory is about 30,000. We are talking about enlarge this number to 50,000 if pre-sale / pre-order would work flawless.

Pre-sale done well can reduce inventory headache and increase efficiency. I sincerely wish every one of you do not need to face the same problem that we did. Headache

I would like to have two options and I am currently trying out multiple apps.

1. Similar to kickstart. If an item reach 50 pcs sales within a period of time then we will bring them no matter how many customers placed order. (I.E 10 customers buying total of 50 within 14 days).This option grants more chance on a product being pre-sale / pre-ordered.

2. Strictly limited to MOQ. An item must be purchased by 1 customer for at least 50/100 pcs for us to pre-sale/pre-order. This option limits chance on a product getting pre-sale / pre-ordered but do generate competitive advantage for the customer who reached MOQ.

If you have any recommendation please do contact us and we will greatly appreciate any insights.

QC process passed level 1 basic training. Good start but we will level up.

AQL sampling will be implemented very soon. No later than Nov 2023.

We will test which level of AQL is best suit for us first and then proceed.

At last the least important, our office pcs are proudly DIY-upgraded by me :P

Thank you for reading until here!



*Updated on 4/14/2023 -Luke

As Steve and I continue to study and work on this industry, we decide to grant our loyal wholesale customer privileges and edge. 

Though the free shipping greatly benefit wholesale starters. We figured out that some retail customers are also purchasing via our website. It is our best practice to better serve our wholesale customers with their margin and business.

Retail customers can still purchase from us; however, the below changes are made effectively now.

Changes on website

Free shipping on orders under $100 is discontinued.

VIP10 is discontinued.

Any discount under $100 will no longer be provided.

Customer service via phone call now is strictly only for wholesale customer. Retail customers can contact us via email/message but not phone calls.(as a side note we experience "beautiful" language via phone call before, should it happen again such person will be immediately blocked and ignored. In addition all other benefits such as return within 60 days for no question ask or remaining points will be removed. Min respect is needed for everyone.)

Wholesale customers have top priority in terms of customer service.

Wholesale customers have top priority on returns, refunds, and certain allowance in case something happened to their package. To be clear Steve and I decide to take one step further from industry standard. Thus 1st lost or misplaced package is on us with no question ask.

Retail customers are now required to provide proof on defects in order for full amount refund. For returns, term is that we strictly only take return within 60 days of purchase.


Points system still functions. In case you are unaware of it please do contact us. We are more than happy to explain it. Points were indented for customers to have access to newest arrival without paying for it. Thus lowering their risk trying out newest items.

Regarding to points please click this link



Bulk discount qty remains the same as from last update on 3/06/2023.

There is exception; however, if you do have EIN/seller's permit please contact us. We will provide discount under certain conditions if your business model requires frequent lower amount purchase but do meet a monthly min. In such situation please contact us and we will work with you. Typically swap meet/ small show event merchant would be in this situation and we do have customers just like this. 


Back end ongoing improvements:

We have on going team build regarding to SKU, and I promise that listings and inventory will be updated more frequently than before. 

Better QC is coming up. We are hiring QC co-workers to ensure less hassle for our customers. If item does not pass our QC it won't be stocked nor shipped. However QC standard really varies on individuals thus we do not guarantee the absence of defects. Though certainly ridiculous defects would be eliminated.

Our restocking/pre-order is also messed up. It is rather shameful.

I here do apologize for customers who spent time waiting for their pre-orders but ended up have full order refunded due to our factory not meeting deadlines.

This will be eliminated by 2nd H 2023 with improvement on better and clearer restocking process. In addition, we will email in advance in case problem happened to your pre-order so no one is shocked. 


Future plans:

Pre-ordering on website with ETA. We will finish and make ordering process smooth first. This is our goal and next step on website. As soon as items is OTW to us we will post pre-ordering listings. Shipment will be sent out upon arrival which shall grant you the fastest arrival item vs current. This will enable pre-selling for you as well. This process shall enable your ability to pre-sell and improve our DSI rate. We learnt this from well known automotive manufacture T and decide to install this process into this industry.


Customization by request with several levels.

Level 1: Basic alternation. I.E an item is currently 16k but you would like it to be made into 14k/18k/24k with no change on item design itself. 

Level 2: Simple size alternation. I.E an item is currently 24k with size 30x20 but you would like it to be 20x20 with no change on item design itself.

Level 3: Design alternation. I.E an item is currently 18k with size 40x20 but you would like it to be 14k with size 30x17 plus adding CZ/design onto item itself. Though CAD is strongly preferred, you can also generate illustration and we can work with you.

Level 4: Start from CAD only or a detailed design. If you have CAD we would need to have design, size, and details agreement with you. 

Level 5: Start with nothing at all. You have a great idea but do not have CAD. In this case we would need to provide CAD and work the whole process for your design.

Our goal is to enable us taking request Level 1 and Level 2. Eventually we will be able to handle other 3 levels. We will update the website as soon as we are ready to take Level 1 and 2 requests.

Thank you very much for reading. Have you indeed read this until here I would greatly appreciate your time.



 *Updated on 3/06/2023 -Luke

Now Unfinished ROLL Chain Pricing is adjusted for every sku.

Bulk Discount on Roll Chains per SKU Starts at

20 yards for 25% off

50 yards for 30% off

For Clearance Pricing BLOWOUT items there is further discount if qty reach 100 yards.

Restocking on roll chains have varies MOQ, but generally speaking 50 yards.

Restocking price on roll chains with clearance pricing will be per sku base, please contact us with item sku thus we can get you a re-stock pricing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you meet bulk discount qty.

Please take advantage of the clearance pricing items, as supply is limited and we are unlikely to bring them back.


Now all our wholesale customers can Use Code SHOP20 for 20% off.

Min amount is $100 for SHOP20 to be effective.

(The spin wheel is deleted long time ago due to the fact that such app delay page loading speed. If you have a website please consider deleting it too).


AS our business is more wholesale focused, the bulk purchase discount now is more customer-friendly.

New Wholesale pricing MOQ (Min order quantity) per SKU is

50pcs to 99pcs on Single SKU =25% off listing price

100pcs and above on Single SKU =30% off listing price

300+ pcs on Single SKU please contact us, most likely you will have 35% off listing price.

For Clearance / Blowout listings we had reduced pricing. The discount tier is different for Clearance / Blowout items.

100+pcs will be 25% off

200+ pcs will be 30% off


For Variation listings (Listings that have different options), The MOQ can be split into several skus. For example, one listing have 2 variants Gold and Silver. You can purchase 25x Gold and 25x Silver and still qualify for discount. This rule does not apply to Pre-order items as pre-order items have MOQ of 100pcs.


Free Shipping by Tiers for USA Domestic Orders:

Please choose accordingly at check out page.

Free USPS Priority Mail Upgrade on orders Over $100 after discount

Free UPS 2nd Day Air Upgrade on orders Over $500 after discount

Free UPS Next Day Air Upgrade on orders over $1000 after discount.


Free Shipping by Tiers For International Orders

Please choose accordingly at check out page.

Free UPS or USPS shipping on orders over $500 after discount

(We will pick Whatever is available because some location UPS won't take standard shipping)

Free UPS Express / Expedite Upgrade on orders over $1000 after discount

(This varies because UPS offer specific service for specific areas, even within same country)


 Thank you for reading!