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Discount For Our return, returned, and returning customers:)

 *Updated on 3/06/2023 -Luke

Now Unfinished ROLL Chain Pricing is adjusted for every sku.

Bulk Discount on Roll Chains per SKU Starts at

20 yards for 25% off

50 yards for 30% off

For Clearance Pricing BLOWOUT items there is further discount if qty reach 100 yards.

Restocking on roll chains have varies MOQ, but generally speaking 50 yards.

Restocking price on roll chains with clearance pricing will be per sku base, please contact us with item sku thus we can get you a re-stock pricing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you meet bulk discount qty.

Please take advantage of the clearance pricing items, as supply is limited and we are unlikely to bring them back.


Now retail customer discount is 10% off with code VIP10.

Now all our wholesale customers can Use Code SHOP20 for 20% off.

Min amount is $100 for SHOP20 to be effective.

(The spin wheel is deleted long time ago due to the fact that such app delay page loading speed. If you have a website please consider deleting it too).


AS our business is more wholesale focused, the bulk purchase discount now is more customer-friendly.

New Wholesale pricing MOQ (Min order quantity) per SKU is

50pcs to 99pcs on Single SKU =25% off listing price

100pcs and above on Single SKU =30% off listing price

300+ pcs on Single SKU please contact us, most likely you will have 35% off listing price.

For Clearance / Blowout listings we had reduced pricing. The discount tier is different for Clearance / Blowout items.

100+pcs will be 25% off

200+ pcs will be 30% off


For Variation listings (Listings that have different options), The MOQ can be split into several skus. For example, one listing have 2 variants Gold and Silver. You can purchase 25x Gold and 25x Silver and still qualify for discount. This rule does not apply to Pre-order items as pre-order items have MOQ of 100pcs.


Free Shipping by Tiers for USA Domestic Orders:

Please choose accordingly at check out page.

Free USPS First Class Mail on orders Over $35 after discount

Free USPS Priority Mail Upgrade on orders Over $100 after discount

Free UPS 2nd Day Air Upgrade on orders Over $500 after discount

Free UPS Next Day Air Upgrade on orders over $1000 after discount.


Free Shipping by Tiers For International Orders

Please choose accordingly at check out page.

Free UPS or USPS shipping on orders over $500 after discount

(We will pick Whatever is available because some location UPS won't take standard shipping)

Free UPS Express / Expedite Upgrade on orders over $1000 after discount

(This varies because UPS offer specific service for specific areas, even within same country)


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