Updated on 4/15/2024 -Luke

New arrival collection is back and Reward is back as well.

We are working on a new reward system, please redeem your points before Aug 31th 2024. Unused points will be disabled after this date.

Thank you

Updated on 4/15/2024 -Luke

Pre-order page has been launched, now you can pre-order with qty above Min MOQ. 

Working on new arrival collection and will finish it before this Friday.

Currently also working on listing clean ups, mainly on description, tags, price, compare-at price(The price for pre-order once sold out). 

A new proposal of image search is on the road, will consult and install it later. So far no timeline on image search function yet.


Updated on 4/11/2024 -Luke

We decide to offer even better discount all clearance products if you can visit us in person:).

Warehouse address is 14276 Euclid Avenue, Chino, CA, 91710.

Clearance Date is Every Saturday.


Updated on 4/05/2024 -Luke

Finally all pricing error and sku error on ROLLs are fixed by teammates and myself.

What happened was that shopify was having error code 500 on the exact same hour while I import&export excel sheets. Thus bug happened.

This taught us a lesson that try to split excels into smaller excel files instead of bulk importing to avoid mistakes.

Over the next 2-3 weeks we will work on listing clean up; meanwhile, our coder partner will work on search bar & kickstarter project as planned.

Thank you for reading!

Updated on 3/16/2024 -Luke

Yes, pricing errors are officially solved!

We had figured out a way by assigning correct tags for correct discount tiers. After several tests I can confirm this problem is solved.

If for some reason you are still having issues please follow these steps.

#1. Clear Cache and Cookies. Cache and Cookies are the main cause if the pricing display error still happens.

#2. Log out and re-log in. Please ensure that you are now entering 6 digits code to log in instead of using password. This prevents B2B discounts.

After these two steps you should no longer see any more problems. Should you see problems please do contact us.

As for gift cards, after several test and trial problem still exist. We will still go with the refund route.

We apologize for any miscommunications or inconvenience we created. 


Updated on 3/5/2024 -Luke

Please use this table if you need any information.


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