Background Story about DLUXCA (AKA AimVogue)

It all started back in 2007 when we first opened our small store in Los Angeles. In the beginning we carried thousands of different products and varieties. We tested the market and experimented with a myriad of items to find the right products for our customers. Our company were growing steadily and in 2009 we decided to move to a much bigger store in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles.

Through many trials and errors, we realize that the market is evolving in a very fast pace. The customers are looking for better design and quality with affordable price. We actively do our own research to come up with original ideas and designs for our products and we routinely and carefully inspect our products for any design or production flaws.

Equipped with the experience and knowledge from successfully building our company for the last couple of years, we are now ready to open our online store. Choosing the best products that suit the needs of our customers and work alongside them are our priority. 

DIYers, Starters & Retailers Friendly

We welcome all the DIYers to browse our catalog to find the perfect tools and supplies to make their own creations and designs. If there is any specific tool or design that you are looking for but cannot find in our website, please contact us directly. Not all of the products that we have are up in our online store but we might carry them in our brick and mortar store.

All retailers on all spectrum are invited to contact us directly. Whether you just started building your company or you have been in the business for many years, we welcome all of you and will work with you on a personal basis. We understand that each company is different so we will formulate the product and pricing plan that best suit your company’s needs.