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18k Gold Fill Layered Necklace Detangler, Multi Strand Necklace Detangler Clasp, Layering Necklace Spacer, Layer Necklaces / Stack Bracelet

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New version is here, we made it Gold Filled for this Tangle free spacer.

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Handmade item

Made to order

Gold / Silver (White Gold)

Gold Filled -Lead And Nickel Free

1pcs / 10 pcs

No more tangle: The Layered Necklace / Bracelet Spacer Clasp Keeps the layered necklaces from getting tangled while wearing . Simply attach any necklaces to the spacer clasp and hook it on behind your neck. Make you look more clean and professional.

Easy to use: The spacer is a clasp on its own - it opens by pulling the tubes apart and closes by sliding them back together - the smaller tube slides into the larger one.

Time-saving: Once your necklaces are attached, you can take all 2/3/4 layered necklaces on and off at the same time by sliding the barrel in or out.

How to attach: One side has loops to attach your necklaces clasps onto. The other side has little clasps - to attach onto the ring end of your necklaces. Necklaces with 3 different length would be better.

Flexible & Fun: You can mix and match any necklaces and change them as often as you like. Create endless layering combinations and see how they hang effortlessly perfect.

This necklace detangled tube clasp will keep your layered necklaces from tangling while you wear them. You attach your necklaces to each side of the of the clasp and it becomes one multi-strand necklace that you put on by sliding the tube portion up and down. Can be used with a variety of necklaces and can be changed out for variety of options. Simply place your necklaces onto the bar (clasp of necklace goes on the side of the spacer that does not have clasps then place the end of the necklace on the side that has the spring rings on them). Then slide the tube behind you on your neck with the smaller tube sliding into the larger one. Since these are a magnetic clasp they will hold with a small click sound.

+ PLEASE NOTE: Your necklaces should be 1-2" apart for this to work. They have to be able to be layered in the first place for the detangler to work. For example, I can layer necklaces that are 14", 16", and 18" in length. I CAN'T layer 3 necklaces that are 16".