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Re-write the policy and add more details to it.


We do not take exchange request.

This chart will show you whether you should return it or request a refund.








Return. See Return Guide


Return. See Return Guide


Refund. See Refund Guide

For domestic orders even if it is 1 pc please contact us within 60 days of purchase. We will process it fast for you.

For international orders it makes no sense to return certain products when qty is low. In this case, please email us. We then would inform you to save the return until the number of products that need to be returned start making economic sense to you. If we had approved on these skus then you no longer have a return window period restriction on approved products.

We will not provide return label under any circumstance. In exchange, we will never charge any restocking fees on returned products. When we process returned packages, we will refund you in full amount no matter what current condition is the returned product.

Return address is

14276 Euclid Avenue, Chino, CA, 91710

Please include below information

Order Number

Product SKU



Failure to include any information from above will result in


Missing order number

Missing Product SKUs

Missing QTY


Return not accepted

Lowest Priority

Return accepted


When a returned package is not accepted, we will request the sender of the returned package to either provide correct information or return this returned package to the sender. Please do not do this, including order numbers is a must.

When a returned package is assigned with lowest priority, we will only process such package after all other work. It may take a very long time if product skus are not included in returned package. Please do the preparation job and include product skus in your package.

QTY is not that time-consuming to count so team-members still can process a returned package even without QTY labelled.

Refund Guide:

Please provide

Order Number

Product SKU


We will refund you with no question ask if QTY is relatively small. If QTY is larger, we would ask you to return products for refund.

Team-members generally process returns every Friday.

Finally, the return period window is within 60 days of purchase. This is a generous term in this industry. You do not need to provide reasons to return, and we aim to make it easy for customers to return. In exchange, please do follow the above steps and ensure all information requested is included in the returned package.

Please do not force us to accept returns over 60 days.

If products are over 60 days of purchase and a customer insist to return, we will no longer view this customer as business partners. Such person will permanently lose access to our website.

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