Updated on 4/15/2024 -Luke

Pre-order page has been launched, now you can pre-order with qty above Min MOQ. 

Working on new arrival collection and will finish it before this Friday.

Currently also working on listing clean ups, mainly on description, tags, price, compare-at price(The price for pre-order once sold out). 

A new proposal of image search is on the road, will consult and install it later. So far no timeline on image search function yet.


Updated on 4/02/2024 -Luke

Several projects are either ongoing or finished. 

We will clean up listings on website and list any potential "ignored" products. In addition, pricing will be adjusted according to a set rule. Major impact will be on previous clearance products. Our clearance product pricing will soon be updated to the correct ones.

We will have a better search bar / search page. ETA on it will be before end of April.


Updated on 3/16/2024 -Luke

Yes, pricing errors are officially solved!

We had figured out a way by assigning correct tags for correct discount tiers. After several tests I can confirm this problem is solved.

If for some reason you are still having issues please follow these steps.

#1. Clear Cache and Cookies. Cache and Cookies are the main cause if the pricing display error still happens.

#2. Log out and re-log in. Please ensure that you are now entering 6 digits code to log in instead of using password. This prevents B2B discounts.

After these two steps you should no longer see any more problems. Should you see problems please do contact us.

As for gift cards, after several test and trial problem still exist. We will still go with the refund route.

We apologize for any miscommunications or inconvenience we created. 


*Update on 3/5/2024 -Luke

Shopify Plus Support instructed us how to set up auto volume discount tiers. We are working on it and will launch it very soon. Once tested and finished all customers will have auto discount when condition met. Manual adjustment is no longer needed after project is done. Will update this on announcements.

Also working on cleaning up pages/blogs.


*Updated on 3/2/2024 -Luke

After different way or problem solving, we are unable to enable customers who are assigned with companies (AKA a wholesale tier) to have auto volume discount. Best solution now is to refund any volume purchase different, or via usual Standard pre-order Special Listing. 

Strangely enough a customer without assigned tier can have the volume discount auto applied. Reason is that shopify B2B is closed within shopify so any changes would need their permission. We will check if shopify support would allow certain api / intergrations. By catalog itself problem cannot be solved unfortunately.

We are cleaning up listing descriptions and tags. Also will impact collections.

We will assign all products to a certain theme(AKA design/style and etc). 

After the clean ups on listings are done we will launch the filter menu.

Then it will be pricing adjustment. If any product is priced wrongly we will correct it. Also clearance now have a set rule which will be explained in another blog post later.

Thank you for reading!


Updated on 2-29-2024 -Luke

We had compressed all images on dluxca.com to further boost speed.

If you have several different email accounts with us please let us know. We will first combine all accounts into one and then calculate tiers for you. Then if you would like to use multiple accounts please email us which emails you will be using and we will assign them into your company. By doing so all accounts from your company will enjoy the same discount.

Please do provide your EIN/TAX-ID/Seller's permit number before June 30th. On July 1st dluxca.com will be exclusive for all customers with EIN/TAX-ID/Seller's Permit.

Thank you


Update on 2-23-2024 -Luke

Updated Again on 4-2-2024 -Luke

Updated TimeLine on Projects


Added timeline on projects to eliminate miscommunication and errors within team(Including myself).

More apps are uninstalled due to 3rd party apps are slowing down our site.

Now Discount codes are disabled. Only reward codes are still effective.


This Blog is For General Announcement and Work Plan.

Our Current Major Changes are as following

#1. QC Assembly line is now its own department. A manager is assigned for QC Department vs previously all team-members are working individually. QC Process stays the same with stricter One By One Standard.


Timeline on this project is as following

March 15 - March 30: system, training & finalization on whole QC process.

Update: This process is explained and initiated.


March 31 - Apr 30: Fix any potential errors and bugs

Apr 30th and after: QC process will be settled and enforced as planned.



A clean QC process with assigned standard. Unlike AQL with percentage check, we are checking each product One By One.


A dep only working on all inventory data sheets. Minimizing errors on ETA/TAT/Quotation/Inventory QTY/MOQs.

Update: 2 Teammates are specializing on Data only now.


#2. Description now will be very minimalistic. We will remove all other info except basic needs. 

Update: May require longer time than estimated. Currently fixing Skus on different channels to match our inventory management software. 


Timeline on this project is as following

Apr 10 - Apr 20: training on whole description process. Mainly excel and html based with Export/Import to minimize wasted effort. Training on universal Listing format. 

Apr 21 - May 15: Finalize the whole project.


After May 15th customers see minimalistic descriptions which are required.


#3. Wholesale Pricing tiers will be based on amount spent and assigned to each customer instead of based on volume on qty per sku.

 Updated on 4/02/2024 -Luke

We have both wholesale pricing tiers and volume discount in effect. This project is finalized on Mid March 2024 and seem stable so far.


Timeline on this project is as following

Feb 23 - Feb 29: Assign Companies, assign tiers, and fixing any potential errors.

March 1 project will be finished.

As of Feb 29th this project is done. Only minor changes needed.

Target: A fair and clear wholesale pricing tier. No more guess works on what discounts you will receive. Reduce the usage or 3rd party apps to further boost website loading speed.


#4. Wholesale and retail will be separated. Retail Customer can go to DLUXCA retail site in the future.


Timeline on this project is as following

March 1 #3 will be done. For customers who do not qualify for wholesale pricing tiers we will assign a new threshold of $100/M or $1200/Y as Min qualify indicator for wholesale. Customers below the threshold can go visit our retail site.

Main diff is retail site will have different pricing on all products.

May 16 - May 25: retail site will be finished. As mainly it is a copy and paste workload can be managed.

May 26 and after: more features may or may not be added to retail site. We will exam the performance of retail site and plan accordingly.

Target: We strive to specialize on wholesale. Previously the universal discount of 20% is not ideal for true wholesale customers. In addition, wholesale pricing is now more exclusive to wholesale customers only. 


#5. Clearance products will be assigned to a universal discount. Potentially will be moved to another clearance site from us. 


Timeline: No timeline yet, priority on this project is mid-low.

Target: Clear slow moving products with great offer. Minimize listing-count from dluxca.com for site speed performance.


#6. Kick-starter like function to further browse opportunities.


Update on 4/2/2024: Coding process started. We will test this out once programmed.


Target: 21000+ listings are maybe a lot to someone, what about 100k? :P

When such function is indeed installed, we will be able to list more products with lower risk. The nature of kick-starter is to prevent loss on trying new products.

More listings usually equal to more opportunities for Clients and us.


#7. Customization is open now. We will start taking customization requests.

Updated on 4/2/2024 -Luke:

Customization now is open to existing clients only. 


Timeline on this project is as following

Feb 23: Easier customization (Level 1&2) requests are always welcomed. 

May 1 - May 15: Customization (Level 3 and above) guide-lines & internal training.

May 16 - May 31: Out-source CAD designs with at least 2-3 independent sources for CAD drawing.

June 1 and after: Start taking Customization and fix any potential errors.

Target: Another opportunity for us serving our clients. Customized products are generally exclusive to its initiator. 


Thank you very much for reading!


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