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Grade AAA Real Malachite, 61.88g Rectangle Shape Malachite Necklace, Certificate, Malachite Jewelry, Healing Stone, Green Stone,Great Quality

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Hi Everyone on Etsy!
This listing is for 1 Necklace

Grade AAA Rectangle Shape, Real Malachite Necklace

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Healing and Spiritual Malachite :
Malachite chases nightmares and bad dreams.
It improves mood, helps to regenerate tissues, balances emotional disarray and crisis situations.
Malachite is the stone of intelligence and favors inspiration; Is the symbol of creativity,
Malachite veins are believed to act on the human nervous system as a harmonizer of emotional imbalances, improving moods and driving away feelings of envy, nightmares, and evil spirits.
Specialists in magic gemology prescribe it especially in cases of mental exhaustion, nervous tics, insomnia and for those who may lose their excessive pride and want to receive a bath of humility.

Material : Natural Gemstone
Stones : Green Malachite
Shaped : Rectangle
Necklace Length : 16.25 Inches
Pendant Height : 47mm
Pendant Width : 35mm
Weight : 61.88g
Qty : 1 Piece

* Since it is a natural, so the actual piece that you receive might look slightly different from the pictures.

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