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Reward Points Redeem Explained

First of all, thank you for your continuous business.

The reward points system is created for you.

Please follow below steps to ensure you are maxing it out.

1. Log in

2. Click (or touch on mobile devices) Purple shop bag icon located at lower left corner on our website.

Desktop it will be shown as shop bag with "Earn Points for free samples"

On IOS / Android Mobile devices it will be shown as purple shop bag icon only

3. Click (or touch on mobile devices) Ways to redeem

4. Click (or touch on mobile devices) View

5. Click (or touch on mobile devices) Redeem. Note that you can select the amount you want to redeem. 

6. Click (or touch on mobile devices) apply code. Please also click or touch copy button to ensure the code is saved.

7. Important. Note that such code is exclusive. Thus please only use the code for redeem samples. This code would not work with free shipping nor SHOP20. Thus, if you add any other products in cart the pricing will be listing price instead of discount price.

8. Now go to New arrival collection and put whatever product you like to redeem in your cart. We recommend you to ensure the amount is as close to redeemed value as possible. Due to the fact that the code is one time only any remaining balance will not be automatically refund. To manually adjust it is a tiny bit hassle.

9. Please check if the code is applied in your cart. If so you can check out now.

Note that you most likely need to pay shipping. This is because the code is exclusive and free shipping won't work. If your amount is over $35, $100, $500, $1000 please contact us to refund you any shipping paid. Now you can check out if everything worked right. (Except for rush or higher than qualified shipping speed)

10. If you would like to purchase other products please follow steps above and check out first. Once the redeem points order is placed you can go ahead and place your order normally with SHOP20 and free shipping.

11. We sincerely wish this can give you more opportunity to try new arrival items and expand your collection in business. Your success is our success

Thank you!