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Hi Everyone,

As some of you might noticed, price has been changed.

Previously we have a mess on pricing, some price is way too low and some being too high.

We had adjusted the price to most updated and accurate pricing.

In case if we previously charged you too high, feel free to chat with us for a refund. No worries please do contact us for it.

If we happened to charge you too low, don't worry you can keep your items. However the most accurate prices are updated in the corresponding listings. Please do not request the impossible price due to our listing mistakes.

TL;DR, ROLL chain prices had been updated to the correct prices.

P.S we are still working to upload the catalog, ETA is by the end of this week. We will have about 500-550 skus on our roll chains. I think they are enough to fulfil your needs :D

-Luke 6/29/2021 6PM PST